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The Youth Coalition of Nigeria (YCN), has made a passionate appeal to vote wisely by rooting for a candidate that will deliver service and quality leadership.

YCN made the call during a press conference at Abuja recently through the National Coordinator, Comrade Paschal Anyanwu, who stated, “We are much aware that the nation is engulfed with challenges in different areas and regions of the country where insecurity, economic, meltdown, banditry and kidnapping has taken over every streets in Nigeria today, the Youths are jobless, hardship has besieged the citizens and the situation seems irredeemable, but all hope is not lost as there are still men of Timber and Calibre who are capacity personified with the needed ideas to turn the fortune of the nation around and for better.

“We the youth coalition of Nigeria today use this platform to reach out and also to call on Dr. Solomon Uchenna a very intelligent and God fearing personality to take up the mantle of leadership to serve his father land by deploying his full capacity, leadership dexterity and His vast experience in human capital development, economic development orientations, His genuine love for the youth and women folks and his charismatic zeal to pilot the social sphere of the society and carry the masses along.

Dr. Solomon Uchenna

Dr. Solomon Uchenna is a native of Ojah in Ekpaomaka community in Ikwo local government area of Ebonyi state. Our position on insecurity across the country, economic meltdown, collapse in the educational system, rampaging youth unemployment and other concerned challenges that

YCN said the call on the masses to vote wisely in the next election is because leadership failure had been the bases of the ongoing unrest in the country urged youths to get involved in the coming elections by seeking for elective positions, joining a political party and be registered voters as doing so would gradually get youths to be part of the decision makers to determine who should lead the country.

“It is on the strength of the above that the youth coalition group having understudy and peruse the credentials of Dr. Solomon Uchenna and find him worthy in all ramifications call on this great and capable Nigeria to throw in his wealth of experience to run for the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“It is our firm believe that Nigeria deserves one of its best brain to lead at this very point in time and a represent the very best that is more than qualified to be next President of our great Nation come 2023”, YCN concluded.

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