We should fight against vote buying – Prince Adebayo me

Emmanuel Alfred

The Presidential Hopeful of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo, has described actions like vote buying during electioneering period as undemocratic.

He said this during an interview with journalists and lamented how vote buying led Nigeria into chaos and wanton corruption.

He added that the SDP is different in terms of ideologies that guides all of them and added that vote buying clearly goes against the tenets of the Party and anyone in the Party found guilty of such an act will be expelled.

He stressed that the whole political landscape is not absolved as even the majority of the members of the 9th National Assembly are guilty of vote buying.

Adebayo said, “Majority of the people in the National Assembly are vote buyers, even though they are passing the law against vote buyers and they are desperately looking for money everywhere to buy votes.”

“So it is not difficult to just make us believe that this is an offence that can only be committed by the political class and the same political class is the one passing the law they know they are going to disobey.

“The problem of Nigeria is not that we are sinners, God can forgive us. But we are hypocrites, God can’t help hypocrites. Adebayo also accused some of the candidates running for the 2023 presidential office of vote buying during their party primaries.

He believes that, the way forward is to take a “moral challenge” to the Candidates. “Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP asked us to sign an undertaking against vote buying and I think that they should make a ceremony out of that and let it be a part of the process but from the point of view of INEC” the SDP Presidential Candidate added.

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