Hon Celia Osakwe-Hibbert makes history as the first Black Councillor for Penn Ward in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, even as very few women are bridging the gap in terms of the political atmosphere.

Celia who is also the Special Adviser to Imo State Governor on Diaspora Affairs, was born and raised in Plateau State of Nigeria but she subsequently moved to the United Kingdom in September 2008.

She is currently serving as an elected Councillor and came into prominence by unseating the opposition as a first time candidate in 2018. As a result , Celia became the First Black Councillor for Penn Ward, Wolverhampton in United Kingdom.

During the UK general election in December, Celia was fielded by her party as one of the Parliamentary Candidates, who fought for the Labour Party.

Professionally, Celia’s background is in Sports education, with a BA in English and a Postgraduate in Sports & Exercise Science.

As a Special Adviser to the Governor on Diaspora, Celia has in short space of time made so much input in various departments such as health, youth, community, education, women empowerment just to mention but a few. Her State and interstate community building activities has already earned her a few recognized awards, with the latest one which is conferment of Chieftaincy title in Lagos scheduled on 14th of this month (November). When this happens, Chief. Hon. Cllr. Celia will be one of Nigeria’s youngest female Chiefs

Celia is an advocate for Inclusion and diversity focusing on Women Empowerment and ‘Disability community’.
She is also a proud Mum and Community Activist who enjoys volunteering.

(Women Connect Nig)

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