“If you are harassed, intimidated, or bullied, please speak up,” Prof. Labeodan tells students of ISI

Oru Leonard 

Prof. Helen A. Labeodan, Chairperson of the Anti-cultism Campaign Committee of the University of Ibadan Centre for Social Orientation (CenSo), has urged students of The International School, Ibadan (ISI) to speak up whenever they are harassed, intimidated, or bullied by their seniors, classmates, or any individual.

She gave the charge while addressing the students during an Anti-cultism campaign visit to the school

Prof. Helen Labeodan emphasized that harassment, intimidation, and bullying typically have detrimental effects on the victim’s psyche.

She, however, added that perpetrators may face consequences later in life because “everything that goes around comes around.”

She cautioned the students to be vigilant as they prepared to enter higher institutions, advising them to adhere to societal norms and values and to conduct themselves in a manner that brings respect and honour.

Other members of the campaign committee also advised the students to avoid cultism and other anti-social behaviours that could lead to trouble, health issues, or untimely death.

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