Group urges INEC to restore old E-collation system, ensure results reflect time, location, date

-Sarah Domozu


A Pro-democracy and good governance group, concerned Nigerians, has called on Independent National Electoral Commission to restore the former E-collation system and ensure all electronically collated results on their portal reflect time of result, location and date.

The group, at a press briefing in Abuja said it has been informed by sources within INEC that the E-collation portal of the commission has been tampered with as it no longer shows location, time and date of collation of results.

The E-collation which is supposed to remain the most potent way of ending rigging of election results in the country is now accessed by intruders.

The group warned, “if the E-collation will not reflex time, date and location where results are entered from, it means the outcome of the elections will not be credible. The implication of this is that, anyone can enter results from any location, at any time and any date. “

It therefore urge INEC not to give free  access to the 12 National commissioners to view E-collation of results as currently obtained, as they tend to compromise since majority are from the ruling party. Just like the case of Amina Zakari who had access to E-collation portal of 3 states in the country   and is still working with some officials in the commission’s office to ensure that 2019 election is manipulated

The group said Nigerians are in dire need of qualitative leadership at all levels, hence INEC must ensure that the process is credible, free and fair.

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