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One of the keys to personal and professional success lies in how you spend your time. Do you really invest it or waste it? Incidentally every one of us; rich or poor, educated or uneducated, failure, failing or succeeding, small or big, etc have 24 hours divided that is into 12hours in the day and 12hours in the night. Time is one resource that is evenly/equally distributed. When you begin to fight TIME WASTERS of your life, you are on the pathway to EFFECTIVE LIFESTYLE. Everything in life can be used to speak on managing self in time.

In 2008, in Yenagoa Bayelsa State of Nigeria, my friend Mr Manifest Oni and myself spoke to 14 pastors plus 1 bishop (top leaders) of a particular international church. We spoke to them on workshop themed: *Leadership Development for the Church*. My friend talked on Teamworks and Customer Service; while I talked on Leadership Development and Time Management. At the end, I asked the bishop, *like how many people have we talked to?* He said, “you have just talked to 51,000+ members today, represented here by these 14 pastors, myself and my wife”. I said, “wa ooo”. Inside me, small me felt flabbergasted that God could use me in less than 3hours and reach to 51,000 people and same for my great friend Manifest, not just preaching but Developing Capacities of leaders (Pastors) to lead. (Anyway that’s what HE uses me to do). He said, “I was surprise how you used scriptures ENTIRELY to teach Time Management and Leadership”. He said it was to his wildest imagination that scripture can be used as if The Bible was written for TIME Management. I was humbled by God using me!

I believe learning to manage time (which is a misnomer) and investing it wisely is among the most important things you can do to build personal and professional success, #LeadershipIsEverything, #LeadershipXcellenc. I teach about 72 best ways to achieve this effective management of self in time. Just receive only these three;


Whether it’s electronic or paper-based, centred on tasks or goals or events, something you purchase or develop on your own, find a system that works for you.


If you have goals but you tend to get distracted, start by focusing on what you need to achieve and what it will take to make it happen.


Focus your energy on doing your most important activities when you are most productive. Save routine chores / tasks for low-energy / fatigue times.
Till we meet in live seminar, you are what you do with your own 24hours. Same is me.

Mike Ihezuo is Management Consultant and Life Coach per Excellence. You can contact Leader Mike at email:


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