What To Know About The Continuing  Engagement Bureau Program of NSCC

The pessimistic perception of ageing and negative stereotype of older persons place barriers on the continuing engagement of their expertise, skills and years of experience after retirement.

This situation has hindered senior citizens’ access to opportunities for
coordinated volunteerism and participation in the labor market.
To combat ageism and promote positive image of ageing and contributions of senior citizens, the National Senior Citizens Centre is providing a platform for the aggregation of Senior Citizens Experience Corps, that could become a resource pool for the country at the
level of public policy issues and entrepreneurial endeavours, where senior citizens are matched with programs that benefit such specialties.
It is in the pursuit of the above, that NSCC established the Continuing Engagement Bureau (CEB) Program, towards capturing and aggregating the skills, talents, experience, interests
and resources of retirees from formal and the informal sectors and, connecting them to opportunities for their continued valuable and meaningful contributions to society, through volunteerism or paid employment.

The Continuing Engagement Bureau (CEB) program will engage sensitization, and advocacy campaigns to secure Job Creation Partnerships and Labour Markets Agreement with institutional partners, MDAs, Organized Labour, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing, Engineering, Agric and Allied, Medical, Legal Services, etc, on engagement of senior citizens.

Objectives of the CEB Program
i. To create awareness among senior citizens and the general public about the various economic empowerment and entrepreneurial programs and services available for the inclusion and participation of senior citizens.
ii. Provide platform for the development of senior citizens Experience Incubation,
Brain Trust and individual placement opportunities for engagement for national and community service
iii. Promote volunteerism, intergenerational activities, and mentoring programs.

Expected Outputs
It is expected that this program will evolve and promote innovative ways that encouragePublic Private Partnerships (PPP) and the participation of senior citizens, post retirement
in formal sector. It is also intended to promote discovery of senior citizens’ latent potential, role recreation and ultimately, innovatively disrupt retirement, redundancy and loneliness amongst senior citizens in Nigeria.

National Senior Citizens Center (NSCC)

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