Sports Minister Commits to Enhancing Football Scouting Regulations in Nigeria

 … Says Nigeria’s sports talentpool makes its a hotbed for all forms of sports scouting activities

Oru Leonard

The Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh has expressed his commitment to meticulously review a proposal aimed at regulating the scouting system within Nigeria’s sports landscape.

The proposal was submitted by a delegation led by the National President of Prestige Football Academy, Uchendu Stephen Nwabara, during a meeting with the Minister in Abuja, on Tuesday.

Acknowledging the critical role of scouting in nurturing and harnessing the nation’s sports potential, Senator John Owan Enoh stated that Nigeria’s huge talentpool makes it a destination of choice for scouts from all around the world.

The Minister said the Ministry is concerned about some of the general practices in the sports ecosystem, as it is working to ensure ethical standards are imbibed, and also provide equitable opportunities for aspiring young talents to excel in sport.

“Most people in the sector are concerned about the subject of the scouting process of our young men and women,” the Minister said. “When our sports men and women go out of the shores of Nigeria, and breakforth, the support they send to their families and the laurels that they win are of benefit to the country.”

“However, the manner in which some of our sports men and women leave needs to be addressed. Sports in general being a universal matter, promoted globally, and a country as big as Nigeria with its population and talent, has become like a laboratory for various actors to come in and out.”

Senator Enoh stated that his administration is deeply committed to fostering a conducive environment for the growth and development of sports in Nigeria. Scouting forms the bedrock of identifying and nurturing future sports stars and there is a need to recognize the value of an organized scouting system that fosters fairness, transparency, and professionalism.

There is an urgent need to stop the exploitation of Nigerians, who are taken out of the country by scouts, agents and tied to slave contracts abroad. Nigeria will work to facilitate a process that integrates fair play, integrity, professionalism and equal opportunities for all sports talents, especially footballers.

Leader of the delegation, Uchendu Stephen Nwabara expressed optimism about the Minister’s enthusiastic reception of their proposal.

“We are delighted by the Minister’s commitment to thoroughly examine our recommendations. These reforms are pivotal in transforming the scouting landscape and ensuring that deserving talents receive the attention and opportunities they merit.”

Senator Enoh said the Ministry will review the appropriateness of the proposal, as it remains resolute in its dedication to uplifting the ethics of scouting.

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