NCDC Commends Ayade, Clears Cross State of Covid-19 Pandemic


Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has commended the strategic efforts of Cross River State Governor in Nigeria, Ben Ayade in restraining the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected over 34 states in the country. The Team Lead from Federal Government, Dr Omobolanle Olowu while addressing newsmen in Calabar, the state capital, commended the Government of Cross River State for the prompt initiatives and implementation of safety precautions by shutting down all major entrance to the state and setting up of new medical facilities and the production of over one million face masks from local fabrics and distributed to all residents in the state.

Continuing, the Team expressed satisfaction by saying the Federal Government of Nigeria commends Governor Ben Ayade for using local solutions to fight COVID-19.

“He manufactured the face mask from our local fabric! Local solution to Global issues.

“Federal Government strongly commends the Action Governor of Cross River State, Governor Ben Ayade, and his energetic team who started response in January when others still lived in denial. The deserve to still be without a case of COVID-19, he was proactive in shutting down borders, screening for visitors and suspected cases and leading the no mask no movement campaign in Nigeria.

“I can’t believe I didn’t see one person without a face mask from airport to this office; I guess this explains the results in Cross River State. I commend the state for the great work done. We never knew all these in Abuja.

“We will tell Mr President all what we have seen and how the can patronize the garment factory, we need to make Cross River State garment factory our campaign song so Africa can know they can get these items here. Patronizing the garment factory in Calabar will stimulate the economy now and post COVID-19 era.

“From all I have seen this is a great response in Nigeria, Cross River has honestly done well, there is a lot to learn from Cross River as Best practice for Nigeria. Nigeria should give Cross River State Accolades for producing Face mask, Face Shield, PPEs in its Garment Factory. NCDC is satisfied with the Contact Tracing, Surveillance and Testing done so far.

“We are happy that the state has a great working relationship with The University of Calabar teaching Hospital, this is Commendable” well done powerful Commissioner for Health and the great team.

“Governor Ben Ayade woke up even before Abuja woke up. He shut his borders and has been working from the front line” Your Governor is a man with foresight who believes in his people and want to save his people”.


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