HEALTH CARE: IMO Diasporas Pledge To Partner With State Government

Oru Leonard

For the first time in the history of Imo-State in Nigeria, the Government is obsessed by the possibilities of better healthcare development in the State, unleashing several ambulances and most recently, mobile clinics all free of charge for its citizens.

This aggressive approach to the improvement of our healthcare system in the State, fostered by the Governor, Sen. Hope Uzodinma has gingered the Diaspora community into total support of the healthcare project in Imo and as a result, Imo citizens living in the Diaspora, have opened up a serious conversation with the Governor’s Diaspora Office on strategies that can be used to support the State’s ongoing ‘recovering’ of our healthcare agenda.

To this effect a dozen of healthcare professionals (Doctors, Optometrists, Nurses etc) met with the SA Diaspora Affairs, Hon Celia Osakwe- Hibbert, to discuss ways in which Diasporas can render their practical support to further propel the ‘better life’ agenda.

A verifiable information reaching us, confirms that following the meeting between the healthcare professionals (led by Dr. Emeka Okoro) and SA Diaspora Affairs, a group of Diasporas in Boston Massachusetts, have already met to discuss ways of immediately commencing on some projects focusing on health, through the Imo Diaspora Office. Many more groups are said to be following suit.

“My delight is that living in Imo will soon be an ambition to those who want to live a longer, healthier and better life. Average life expectancy in Imo will rise by 12% this in itself is historic! The mission to achieve this feat will be a joined up approach by different stakeholders so that we can score the big results we are aiming for.

“My Boss, the Governor is aggressively setting up mechanisms for indigenes to access quick medical intervention; response vehicles meeting patients at their points of need not the opposite like the case has been in the past. Mortality rates will practically decrease”, Celia stated.

She further noted that the level of seriousness from our Governor, is attracting more Diasporans especially from America and Asia. “I’m excited to see this accelerated change happening in our State, in my lifetime” expressed

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