Oru Leonard

The Conservator-General (CG), National Park Service, Dr. Ibrahim M.Goni has congratulated Muslim umma in Nigeria on celebration of Eid-el-fitri.

He called on them to demonstrate the spirit of the Day by living in peace with their neighbours as thought by prophet Muhammad SWA.

The Conservator-General urged Nigerians to pray for peace in the country, eschew hatred and support the President in the fight against corruption, illegal wildlife and Bush meat trafficking.

The CG therefore used the Day to also urge Nigerians home and abroad to take advantage of the economic and social opportunities provided by President Muhammadu Buhuri led administration to improve the condition of life of Nigerians through the elimination of corruption, insecurity etc in Nigeria.

In the face of Covid-19 pandemic, the CG commended Nigerians for supporting the Federal Government in checkmating the spread of the disease in Nigeria. He, however, said that the disease is far from over judging from the recent spike and emergence of new strands of the disease in India and other parts of the World. Sequent to that, he advised Nigerians to take their vaccination serious and follow the safety protocols of the disease accordingly.

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