AFRIDU Urges Nigerian Government to Grant Citizenship to African Descendants of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Maryam Aminu

The African Diaspora Union (AFRIDU) has called on the Nigerian government to grant citizenship to African descendants who were victims of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

This appeal was made yesterday during a press briefing in Abuja by AFRIDU President Archbishop Chidiebere Anelechi Ogbu.

Archbishop Ogbu emphasized that these descendants are eager to invest in Africa and wish to return not merely as visitors or tourists, but as full citizens of Nigeria.

He highlighted that AFRIDU’s mission is to bring closure to the long-standing struggles of Africans in the diaspora and to enable these descendants to contribute to Nigeria’s political and economic landscape.

“Give us what we want and we will give you what you want. Fifty-five African countries and more are looking for investors, and we have all of them. We, the black people of the world who are African descendants, have agreed business-wise to come to Nigeria with all our resources to invest if we are accepted as fellow Nigerians,” Archbishop Ogbu stated.

Archbishop Ogbu further elaborated on the potential benefits for Nigeria, stating that granting citizenship to these descendants would open doors to a vast network of resources and expertise. “Our people have thrived in various fields across the world—technology, finance, education, healthcare, and more. By granting us citizenship, Nigeria stands to gain not just economically but culturally and socially as well. We bring with us not just financial investments, but a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help propel Nigeria to new heights.” He added

AFRIDU President also addressed the emotional and historical significance of this request. “For centuries, our ancestors were forcibly taken from their homeland, stripped of their identities, and scattered across the globe. Granting us citizenship is not just a formal gesture; it is a powerful act of reconciliation and healing. It allows us to reclaim our heritage, our identity, and our rightful place in the African family.”

He disclosed that the Global Investment Summit, aimed at inviting African descendant investors worldwide to invest in Nigeria, is scheduled for October 2024.

Dr. Andre Moriel McClerklin, AFRIDU Ambassador to the United States and Canada, expressed the determination of diaspora descendants to reconnect with their Nigerian heritage. “We are prepared to bring all that we have with us, our business capabilities, financial portfolios, intellectual properties, spiritual richness, and all that we have learned in the lands of our captivity,” he said.

Dr. Moriel added that they are ready to reclaim what has been lost in terms of land, language, and culture.

Ayanna Khan, CEO of the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce, thanked the Nigerian government for its openness to investment discussions. “I represent hundreds of businesses in Delaware, and we are excited about the opportunity to bring our capabilities, innovations, and ideas to Nigeria. We want to do business in Nigeria with our family and be judged by our capabilities, not the color of our skin,” she stated.

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