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The President and General Overseer of the United Apostolic Church of Christ (UACC), worldwide Rev. Dr. James Boyo Owoyemi will be one year in office, come November 14, 2021. Rev. Dr. Owoyemi was ordained as the head of the mission at the last annual convention of the church held in Akure, Ondo state.

In this interactive session with some Journalists in his office at Ibadan, Rev. Dr. Owoyemi explained his experiences and challenges, advised the youths on moral while also advising the government on how to make life better for the people of this country.
Excerpts from the interview. Happy Reading:

Sir, how far has the church gone on some of the decisions taken at the last Supreme Executive Council Meeting in Lagos?
One of the major decisions was the training for new pastors and elevated ministers slated for Sept/October. By the Grace of God, the training was successful. Glory be to God. The successful candidates have been certified, and qualified for ordination at the coming convention

What were your achievement in the past one year?
By the Grace of God, as planned, we were able to visit all our branches in Nigeria. In the course of our tour, we were able to familiarise with Traditional rulers and some government agencies whereby we made it known the necessity of depending on God for solution to issues facing our land. By God’s grace we have inaugurated UACC Assemblies in Oru Ijebu, and UACC Mpape Branch, Katampe, FCT Abuja. Also, we have inaugurated UACC Students Fellowship in our tertiary institutions and recently we trained over 100 Ministers of God, Assisting Pastors and elevated Pastors in Ibadan.

The GO of UAAC, Rev Dr Owoyemi ministring during the 56th Supreme Executive Council meeting

Sir, what are we expecting in the forthcoming UACC Convention in Akure, Ondo State?
The coming convention, slated to hold between Monday, 15th and Sunday 21st November 2021 is unique as the convention will mark my one year in office as the President and General Overseer of UACC. We have highlighted series of programs for the convention ranging from deliberation on issues relating to the church, assessment of activities within past one year, life changing seminars, power-packed revivals, breakthrough prayers, inspiring songs, counselling and lots more. There will be salvation, healing, signs and wonders at the convention. Many spirit-filled ministers of God will minister under the power of Holy Spirit. Indeed, partakers can never remain the same after the fire-filled convention.

We heard that you made some appointments recently and they will be ordained during the Convention at Akure, Tell us about it?

No doubt, the work is expanding to the Glory of God. Given, the inspiration sensations, we are expecting greater expansion. Hence, there is need for appointment of qualified people of God into various offices. We are grateful to God who granted us success at the just concluded training at Ibadan, Oyo State. By God’s Grace successful appointees will be installed at the coming convention.

What impact did the last Press Conference in Lagos have in the Church?
The Press Conference was the first of its kind in history of the church. It has a conspicuous positive impact on our evangelical motives as we were able to reach millions of people across the globe through the conference. More so, we were able to pass quality inspirational messages to the Government and the citizens of our nation. We were delighted such opportunity came. The Lord will continue to bless sponsor of the press conference.

Nigeria just celebrated 61 Years of her existence, what message do you have for the citizens of this nation?
No doubt, many people were not happy as they expected the country to have grown beyond the present level. Nonetheless, we enjoined the citizens to continue praying for the country and people in governance. We should put our trust in God and be hopeful. We are optimistic better days are coming.

The GO ministring during the inauguration of UAAC, Abuja Assembly recently

What challenges are you currently facing in running of the Church?
It’s obvious, there are many challenges militating against our moves. There are challenges and we are not surprised with this. Jesus says offences will come. Luke 17:1. However, we didn’t place priority on those challenges. Rather, we focused on pressing forward as we are not ready to give excuses but we are focusing on producing results. Counting on our challenges is synonymous to placing priority on challenges. We are poised to count achievement not challenges.

What strategies do you put in place towards tackling the challenges being faced by UACC?
God is our hope. He has solution to all challenges. While we are strategizing, we commit everything into His care. We didn’t focus on the challenges, rather, we focused on God’s promises.

The security situation in the Country seems to be stabilizing, what advice would you give to Government on this?
The little improvement in security we observed was the result of God’s intervention. We expect Government to be more proactive and shun nepotism. Citizens are losing confidence in Governance. Government should do the needful in order to have total stability in security of our land

What is your message to Nigerian youths?
The Youth are heritage of God. The more they realize this, the more they will subject themselves to issues that will only glorify God.
We advise our youths to see themselves as elements of positive change in the country. They are leaders of tomorrow. Whatever that may contribute to the collapse of this Country is enemy of our youths. As such the youths should rise and reject such and embrace progressive attitudes.

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