IMO DIASPORA: Orlu Heritage Association Of Northern California Joins GOV Uzodinma’s Fight For Improved Healthcare

Oru Leonard

Post Covid and several years of under- investment into Imo State healthcare system in Nigeria like the hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities have suffered immeasurably resulting in prolonged recovery of patients and in the worst case scenario, untimely deaths. The ‘Recover’ and ‘Rehabilitation’ agenda of the current administration is head bent on healthcare improvement, through State efforts and positive collaborations.

So the urgent need to focus on serious support for our healthcare system can no longer be over emphasized; a concerted effort on better health outcomes for indigenes, holiday makers, transistors and the entire populace of Imo State requires an inward as well as an outward look. Hence ‘Orlu Heritage Association of Northern California’ under the leadership of Hon. Chris Opara deemed it fit to donate a brand new Incubator to Imo State Teaching Hospital (IMSUTH).

The Imo Diaspora Office were in attendance at the presentation ceremony which took place in Orlu and praised the association for ‘thinking home’ especially in the aftermath of Covid19. The Special Adviser on Diaspora Affairs, Hon. Celia Osakwe- Hibbert to Gov. Hope Uzodinma stated that “it is commendable that our Imo brothers and sisters in Diaspora are joining the fight at home, a fight for a better state. All their efforts under our 3R administration will never go unnoticed. My office will continue to collaborate and highlight the impact of the Diaspora community whilst encouraging them to do more”.

Hon. Osakwe-Hibbert further said that such a donation at this one can literally increase life chances in the neonatal wards. If we extrapolate the figures across the entire healthcare network in Imo, you will see that medical donations like this Incubator can be estimated to prevent at least 18% of maternal mortality. This is huge in terms of improvement of average life expectancy; which is one of the goals of my Boss. Sen. Hope Uzodinma. His ambition is for people in Imo State to live healthier, longer and more prosperous lives”.

Nearly 50% of Imo Diaspora organisations are beginning to look towards home, to join in the fight of making Imo, the safest state in the South East region of Nigeria

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