DIASPORA ENGAGEMENT: Data Mapping, Key To Our Mandate…Dabiri-Erewa

Oru Leonard

Hon (Dr) Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman/CEO, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, (NiDCOM), says secured access to active and reliable data helps in the collation, processing and publishing of accurate statistical information for developmental purposes.

Dabiri-Erewa stated this at the flag-off of the Virtual Diaspora Data Mapping Town Hall Meeting for Liberia and Sierra Leone held in Abuja.

The NiDCOM Boss believes that the Diaspora Data Mapping registration is aimed at creating skills mapping of Nigerians in the diaspora for effective management of human and capital resources embeded in Nigeria.

She added that the scheme is of utmost importance to the Commission towards enhancing contacts with Diaspora Nigerians in information dissemination and coordination.

According to the Chairman/CEO, (NiDCOM), “if we don’t know where you are, what you are doing, how can we come in when we are needed?”

Amb. Zubairu Dada, Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, represented by Amb. Nasir Aminu (International Organizations Department), Ministry of Foreign Affairs commended the amazing feats the Commission has achieved so far, stating that there are enormous benefits for registering in the NiDCOM Diaspora Portal particularly for remittances, investment and other purposes such as crises management in case of an emergency situation that will require quick evacuation among others.

Giving details of the programme, Hon. Abdulrahman Terab, NiDCOM’s Head of Technology Transfer and Innovation, (TTI) explained that the Diaspora Data Mapping is a process of acquiring information about Nigerians in the diaspora through online registration, obtain basic demographics for the purpose of planning, engagement and development.

Terab further listed the common types of data needed in the Diaspora Data Mapping to include social demographic characteristics, locations and addresses, contacts, duration in the diaspora, among other variables.

Amb. Odudigbo Godfrey Nigerian Ambassador to Liberia and Amb. Henry Omaku, Nigerian Ambassador to Sierra Leone, both commended Chairman/CEO, NiDCOM for the initiative to help engage, involve, monitor and track Nigerians across the globe for meaningful development in Nigeria.

They jointly agreed to carry out massive sensitisation and awareness in Libera and Sierra Leone respectively.

Mr. Abiodun Oyebola (NIDO President, Sierra Leone) and Mr. ThankGod McDonald Iriruaga (NIDO President, Liberia), were appreciative of the Chairman/CEO NiDCOM’s efforts, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Government in rescuing and evacuating Nigerians during the Ukraine-Russian war and intervening in Diaspora matters globally.

(NiDCOM Media)

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