African Youths World Summit (AYWS) To Hold November 29, 30

Sarah Domozu
The Nigeria Youth Decides (NYD), is organising an all African Youths World Summit on 29th and 30th November 2019, in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria.
This was disclosed by the President of the group, Ambassador Uche Paul  Ekpere, in Abuja as he called for the reformation of African countries especially Nigeria.
“Nigeria is a blessed country among the African countries but our economies are battling with inflation and devaluing currencies. Yet, most of our bilateral trade agreements with developed nations always end up in their favour.
“Often, our leaders sign documents without understanding the implications. A production-based economy will do far better than a consumption based one”, he said
He noted that any nation with more imports than exports will have a trade deficit, “Many Africans think wealth is the same as ‘cash’. Nigerians  are brought up to believe that our problem is lack of cash. So, where ever there is cash, people are ready to kill to get it. Corruption in Africa is only a symptom.”
“It is only in Africa that incompetent, vision less,  unqualified and even outright criminal minded fellows are ‘elected’ into positions of leadership. Most of them are not even educated enough to articulate National Problems, let alone formulate viable economic policies. Africa is under leaders who are blind, insensitive and callous.
“It is time we examine the processes through which people with questionable characters emerge as our leaders. Something is wrong with what is called democracy in Africa. It is time we realise that what is suitable in America, may not be that suitable for Africa. There is need for an urgent review of our democratic processes” Mr Ekpere noted.

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