Youth Integration A Catalyst For Peaceful And Secured Nation- CONYSSA

Maryam Aminu 

Nigeria’s insecurity is worsening and increasing on a daily basis, necessitating an immediate collaboration intervention.

For some, maladministration, youth marginalisation, youth exploitation, inefficient security institutions, hunger, disease and environmental pollution represent grave security threats even worse than physical violence.

It is right to conclude that, the continuous epidemic revolution of crimes and terrorism, which we have experienced in the past few years in our country, may not be unconnected with the alarming rate of youth unemployment

In this regard, patriotic youthful Nigerians, Coalition of Nigeria Youth on Security and Safety Affairs (CONYSSA), stepped forward, driven by concern to eradicate insecurity through prompt stakeholders engagement

The Director General Coalition of Nigeria Youth on Security and Safety Affairs (CONYSSA), Amb. Ade Mario Emmanuel said any nation that neglects her youth will not witness continuous growth of any kind because the youths are in the developmental process in any country. Therefore, a pragmatic and patriotic government is called for as a catalyst to growth. It should go without saying that youth and security are greatly interwoven. The youths are the machinery used to perpetrate most of the dreaded crimes. In this country, for instance, youths are behind the advent of Boko Haram, Kidnapping, Agitation by Bakassi militants and some more in recent times were instigated by youths.

Mario noted that to solve the problem of insecurity the governments at all levels must make youth empowerment and innovative programmes a priority.

What this event underscores is a dire need for concerted and deliberate efforts coupled with a commitment to fight our security woes. He added.

Speaking further,the FCT Chairman National Youth Council of Nigeria, Comrade Suleiman Ango said now is the time for our leaders to wake up to the realization of the need to integrate our youth.

He stated further that Investing in security is an important step in addressing insecurity in Nigeria. The government must invest in the security infrastructure, such as the police and military, to improve the ability to detect and prevent criminal activity.
Providing better training and equipment for security forces is crucial to ensuring that they are able to effectively detect and prevent criminal activity. This can include providing training on modern policing techniques, as well as providing equipment such as attractive salary,uniform, vehicles, weapons, and communication systems.

Speaking earlier, the FCT Coordinator, Coalition of Nigeria Youth on Security and Safety Affairs, Comrade Zaka Nehemiah expresses concern over Insecurities in FCT

According to him,there is no doubt that the insecurity situation has degenerated and more security challenges are facing FCT today outside the Boko Haram which has been there for sometime. Today in FCT, we have security situation ranging from one chance drivers, babanbolas, cars without plate numbers, while some with double plate numbers, street lights not working and so on

The security situation in FCT has evolved into a very serious challenge,he said.

Nehemiah stated that the purpose of the summit was as a result of the recent increase in terrorism, banditry, and all shades of criminality including abductions and killings in the Federal Capital Territory and Nigeria at large

Speaking on sustainable solutions to tackle the insecurity in FCT and the country at large, he advised that decent jobs should be provided to the masses and all IDP camps be resettled

Nehemiah tasked all to join hands together to curb insecurity saying the security agencies alone cannot solve security issues as security is everyones business.

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