Sen. Alkali commends Kano State on Transport policy reforms

Oru Leonard 

Honourable Minister of Transportation of Nigeria, Said Alkali has commended the Kano State, Governor, Abba Yusuf for the development of a Transport Policy Document to transform the Transportation Sector of the Center of Commerce to attain heights of maximum productivity and Economic Development.

The Minister made the commendation in his speech today, at the Kano State Transport Policy Dialogue held in Kano State.

He applauded his forward-thinking approach to reposition the transportation sector, which would boost economic development and productivity in the state. He praised the Governor’s commitment to creating a people-friendly transport policy, benefiting the citizens of Kano State.

Senator Alkali reiterated the fundamental goal of the current administration of President Bola Tinubu which is to develop an adequate, safe, secure, smart, environmentally sound, efficient, affordable, sustainable,
preferred and integrated transport system is gradually being actualized.

“States such as Lagos and Kano States have become trailblazers as they have recognised the need to provide a blueprint that will serve as a set of principles and ethos to guide their overall decision making for an integrated and functional transport system”, he said.

The Transportation Minister called on other States in Nigeria to also kick start the development of their own Transport Policy so as to stimulate a well developed Transportation Sector for Nigeria.

He stressed the importance of a good and dynamic transport policy lies in its ability to: Promote Economic Growth, Enhance Social Equity, Reduce Environmental Degradation; Improve Safety and Security; Foster Innovation and Technology, and Enhance Quality of Life; among others.

The Minister’s speech emphasized the importance of a well-structured transportation system, highlighting its potential to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and enhance the overall quality of life in Kano State. He expressed his support for the state government’s initiatives and offered federal assistance to ensure the successful implementation of the transport policy

Speaking, the Kano state Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, said the government has reconstructed numerous roads overhead and under pass bridges thereby reducing the traffic congestion in the cosmopolitan city.

Governor Yusuf believed that reforming the Transportation Sector has become imperative in view of the kano Transport challenges which is akin to Lagos and other emerging Mega cities in the country.

The Governor Represented by his Deputy Aminu Abdulsalam Gwarzo said, Kano being a commercial hub of Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa requires a comprehensive and integrated approach for the Transportation Sector in order to meet the modern day Transportation reality.

He said, “Kano state Government is committed to Developing a more balanced and sustainable transport systems as encapsulated in it’s transport vision statement.”

The Commissioner for Transportation Muhammad Ibrahim Diggol emphasized that, the Kano Transport dialogue marks a significant step towards shaping the future of Transportation in the state to achieving a multi-modal system in tune with the global best practices.

Diggol said, as cities become the engines of economic growth due to urbanization, they are becoming major contributors to Green House Gas Emissions, congestions and deteriorating air quality.

“This is adversely impacting on the health of the people and constraining economic growth.”

He noted that, the provisions of appropriate transport infrastructures and services determines the safe morbidity of all people and goods and a fundamental factor to sustainable future livelihoods.

The event brought together stakeholders, experts, and policymakers to share ideas and shape the future of transportation in Kano State. Senator Alkali’s presence underscored the federal government’s commitment to collaborating with states to drive development and prosperity in Nigeria.

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