NRC TO RESUME ABUJA- KADUNA TRAIN SERVICE. …… Says there will be strict enforcement of Covid – 19 Protocols.

Oru Leonard

The Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC), board and management led by Engr Ibrahim Alhassan Musa has said the Àbuja- Kaduna Train Service (AKTS), will commence on Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

This is stated in a release made available to News Dot Africa today “The Board and Management of the NRC wishes to inform all our esteemed customers that the AKTS train service will resume on Wednesday 29th July, 2020.

“To this effect, the NRC has decontaminated all Train Stations and Rolling Stock.
The Train schedule for Wednesday 29th July 2020 is as follows:
AK 1 leaves Idu at 7am
KA 2 leaves Rigasa at 6.40am
AK 3 leaves Idu at 9.50am
KA 4 leaves Rigasa at 10.35am
AK 5 leaves Idu at 2.20pm
KA 6 leaves Rigasa at 2pm
AK 7 leaves Idu at 6pm
KA 8 leaves Rigasa at 6pm

“The protocols to be observed by passengers shall include:
Strict adherence to the use of face mask at all NRC facilities especially while on board the trains. Please note, face mask must be appropriately worn at all times throughout the duration of the journey”, the NRC said.

The has said that all passengers must come with their own Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer(s). with 90 percentage of alcohol base
“Please note that Govt. /NRC will not provide sanitizers for the passengers or public” NRC added.

NRC Management said that all persons at NRC facilities must observe social distance of minimum of 2 metres even while on board the Train and catering service is temporarily stopped.

“There must be social distancing on board. Hence sitting arrangement has been reviewed. Passengers must sit on their allocated seats. There shall be no changing of seats.
There shall be no movement nor loitering while on board except for use of the convenience. There will not be any catering on board the train at present.

“Our Janitors will be available to clean and disinfect the toilets immediately and whenever they are used while on board.
Please note that defaulting will not be tolerated in order to safeguard other train users”, the release explained

NRC said it will deploy more law enforcement personnel (Police, NCDSC, MOW) on board to enforce strict adherence to the new protocols especially the use of face mask and maintaining social distancing at all times.

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