MISS TRAQ Planning Committee Holds Pre-Event Face-To-Face Engagement

Oru Leonard 

Ms. Sark (Alice Frimpong Sarkodie) the Ghana Project Director of the Miss Trade Queen Africa Pageant, and Continental President Mr. Prince Siita Sofo, the president of AfCFTA Young Entrepreneurs Federation (AfYEF), convened a face-to-face meeting with the organizing team on Saturday, February 3rd, preceding the launch of the maiden edition of Miss Trade Queen Africa pageantry on February 8th, 2024, at Achimota Mall Accra, Ghana.

The purpose of the meeting was to further discuss and highlight the key objectives of Trade Queen Africa, emphasizing the creation of a platform for women’s empowerment and the enhancement of trade across Africa.

The initiative also seeks to establish connections with Africans in the diaspora under the African Continental Free Trade Area, promoted by AfYEF and AfYEF Women.

The roadmap to the launch on Thursday, February 8th, 2024, underwent a detailed review during the meeting. Organizing team members were assigned various responsibilities, including seeking additional sponsors and partnerships. Notably, 20% to 30% of sponsorship was allocated to members who successfully secured sponsors to promote the event.

The team also delved into post-launch plans, deciding to promptly open timelines for selling forms, establishing criteria for application and applicant selection, arranging housing for participants, organizing side activities to showcase the trade and economic talents of contestants, managing voting processes, planning awards and scholarship schemes, pre-event staging activities, event paraphernalia, and more.

In addition, the team intensified efforts in publicity and media arrangements, including pre and post-MissTraq launch media tours. They also focused on managing online media platforms and the virtual event.

Looking ahead to the national event, nationwide auditions will be conducted on two occasions – the first session on March 9th, 2024, and the second on April 6th, 2024. Mr. Hissan, the President of AfYEF, mentioned that four months have been allotted to allow participating African nations in Trade Queen Africa to conduct domestic auditions. This timeframe, leading up to the maiden edition of the Continental African Beauty and Trade pageantry between June and July 2024, emphasizes the importance of selecting suitable contestants.

Mr. Hissan highlighted the critical role of successfully selecting domestic participants as a foundational step for the grand event. He assured the dedicated organizing team members that their efforts would be duly appreciated, reinforcing the commitment to ensuring the success of the event.

As of now, everything is set and geared for the launch of the maiden edition of Trade Queen Africa (missTraq) 2024.


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