Integrity Group Commend SWAN President, FCT SWANECO, Urge Stakeholders to Remain Steadfast

Oru Leonard 

In the light of the giant strides made by Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), the truth seeking alliance of sports journalists in the FCT, popular known as Integrity Group has hailed the leadership of SWAN under the guidance of President Isaiah Benjamin, for brokering peace and restoring sanity within the association in the FCT.

“We note that SWAN has made positive strides since President Isaiah Benjamin took reigns of office, especially for restoring peace back to its FCT Chapter with the formation of the generally accepted SWANECO.

In a statement signed by it secretary, Godwin Dele Amans, the group noted that since it’s formation in late February/ early March, it has been accepted as true engineers of a peaceful process with distinguished individuals selected as members of the panel.

“We also note that SWANECO is on the verge of making history by overseeing what could be the best election conducted within the FCT chapter in recent years.

“We affirm that SWANECO as the electoral body for the FCT SWAN Election have been upright, transparent, humble, hardworking, and committed to it’s mandate of delivering a free and fair election.

“We urge all FCT SWAN members and the Aspirants to remain peaceful and focus on our ambition to see a working and distinguished FCT SWAN Exco that reflects the wish of the people”.

“We should have it at the back of our minds that in a democratic process, while the majority will have their way, the minority will have a say. This is the beauty of democracy”.

The Integrity Group, as an alliance of people committed to positive changes and ending the albatross of impunity found within our association, which necessitated the coming together of like minded individuals will keep watching and asking questions when the need arises.

“We will publicize more of our activities for the election in the coming days”.


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