I will collaborate with related establishments to reactivate the road transportation and mass transit operations

The new Minister of Transportation, Senator Ahmed Alkali has said he would ensure a sustainable collaboration with related ministries, agencies and corporate entities to reactivate the road transport and mass transit operations in the Country.

Senator Akali disclosed this during his inaugural speech when he resumed duty on Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

“As you are aware, the Ministry of Transportation was primarily established to facilitate the provision of public transport services and effective coordination of all the agencies and institutions under the Ministry.

“The Ministry of Transportation shall strive to ensure the realization of its mandate and the mandates of agencies under its jurisdiction.

“This endeavour will assist to harness the resources of the nation, promote national prosperity and dynamic self-reliant economy
that will actualize the “Renewed Hope” of the present administration’s developmental agenda of ensuring an efficient transport system consistent with the socio-economic objectives of the Constitution.

“In order to sustain this reality, the Ministry of Transport must assume a leading role of improving the public transportation sector to support the numerous policies that are geared towards providing democratic dividends that are accessible to ordinary Nigerians through effective provision of public transport that is secured, affordable and convenient across the country.”he stated.

The Minister also pledged to undertake the modernisation, rehabilitation, planning and development of the rail transport sector with efficient security, adding that he would support the primary purpose of government and maximise the potential in the recent constitution alterations that moved rail transport services from the Exclusive List to the Concurrent List.

The new minister, who was received by the Permanent Secretary, Magdalene Ajani, and other directors in the ministry, assured that the ministry would assume a leading role in improving the public transportation sector to support the numerous policies geared towards providing democratic dividends to ordinary Nigerians through effective, secure and affordable public transport system.


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