Government is Interested in Making Sure Rail Covers all States-MD NRC

The Managing Director, Nigeria Railway Corporation,NRC, Engr. Fidet Okhiria has related governments commitment towards ensuring the rail system covers the whole states of federation.

In a chat with Aspheric News, Engr. Okhiria rolled-out the achievements made so far in the sector, he said: “I think the rail is looking upward, the government is having the will, and they are also interested in making sure that the rail covers the whole states, and it’s production centers and major cities, but we cannot do all at ones because the resources are scarce we should go gradually, those are not getting it now should exercise patience because Rome is not built in one day.

He added; “If we had been doing this in the past 20yrs, by now,we’ll be getting close to one thousand kilometers, and if we do it now those coming behind us will enjoy it.

“And if it’s possible to get money, it’s better we do it now so that the people will be at peace and travel at peace. And the roads will last longer because this heavy hassle loads that are passing our roads, the roads are not designed for it.

And if a train leaves Lagos at the same time a trailer is leaving Lagos, I bet You the train will get to Kano before the trailer gets to Kano. Because the train will not stop at Shagamu, and we have a various place where we stop and we exchange drivers and technicians, unlike where a driver takes a trailer from Lagos and he takes it to Maiduguri, which is dangerous because he can get tired and sleep off, which is why You see most of the accidents happen, so it’s quite safe to use the rail for goods.

“But there are still opportunities for the trailer owners and operators because the railhead doesn’t get to the various ware-houses and their vehicles will last longer. If we get to Kano a trailer can take You to Sokoto because there’s no rail line to Sokoto.

“And they can do that in a day and they will be able to monitor the trailer driver and the truck and the lives of the people using the roads will be safer and not be endangered.

“So it’s better we have the rail now, than waiting for tomorrow, he concluded.

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