Dana Air Apologizes for recent cancellations, Urges customers to encourage best practices

  1. Oru Leonard 

Dana Air has apologised to its customers for the recent flight cancellations experienced recently due to operational challenges

The airline’s Head of Corporate Communications, Kingsley Ezenwa during an interview said, the patronage and support from our customers has been huge and we are deeply sorry for the cancellations that our customers experienced recently due to operational challenges.”

While we regret the disruption to their travel and understand the frustration and inconveniences this has caused, It’s important to emphasize that safety remains our utmost priority in every consideration.”

On the disembarkation of its Abuja bound passengers, the Dana Air spokesman said, ”the Pilot in Command noticed an indication in the cockpit and the parameters were not right for him to take off, so had to taxi back to base in line with our strict safety standards and recommended practices. ”

”Passengers on the affected flight were offered compensations and options from refund, to rescheduling or reprotection while the rest opted to fly later that evening.”

”We recognize the profound responsibility we carry towards our customers and staff and wish to reassure our customers that Dana Air will never compromise on safety or toil with the well-being of our passengers and employees.”

”We urge our esteemed customers to always support and encourage best practices not just in the aviation industry but across every facet of service delivery as Dana Air will consistently adhere to recommended and global best practices, ensuring the safety of our guests at all times.”

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