2023 WORLD BIODIVERSITY DAY: NBMA’s DG/CEO Calls For Collective Action To Safeguard The Country’s Rich Biodiversity 

Oru Leonard 

The Director-General/CEO of National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) Dr Agnes Yemisi Asagbra has called for collective action in order to safeguard Nigeria’s rich biodiversity.

The DG/CEO made the call in a press statement issued by the Head Information and Communications, Gloria Ogbaki, to commemorate the 2023 world BIODIVERISTY day.

Dr Asagbra said Nigeria joins the global community to celebrate World Biodiversity Day today, the 22nd May, 2023, with the Year’s theme “FROM AGREEMENT TO ACTION: BRING BACK BIODIVERSITY.”

She highlights the urgent need for concrete steps and collective efforts to restore and protect the rich biodiversity that sustains our planet.

“Biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth, support the functioning of ecosystems, provides essential resources, and the well-being of all living beings.”

“However, human activities such as deforestation, oil and gas exploration, habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change continue to pose significant threats to biodiversity worldwide.”

She said “Nigeria is a party to the Convention on Biodiversity and will therefore continue to uphold the tenets of the Convention. As we celebrate World Biodiversity Day, it is a timely reminder that we must move beyond agreements and translate our commitments into tangible actions.”

As observe world biodiversity day, NBMA emphasize implementing the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework; :Protecting Land, Restoring Ecosystems, Sustainable Production and Consumption, Indigenous Knowledge and Community Engagement, Education and Awareness Creation.

“As an Agency that regulates the activities of modern biotechnology in other to contribute to ensuring that the nation’s biodiversity is preserved, we reaffirm our commitment to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.”

“We recognize that we are part of the solution and will continue to prioritize actions that protect and restore our planet’s biodiversity for the benefit of present and future generations by ensuring that the activities of modern biotechnology is safe for human health, animals, plants and the environment.”

“NBMA also reaffirms its commitment to translating agreements into impactful action. We recognize the urgency and interconnectedness of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, and we stand ready to work collaboratively to build back biodiversity and secure a resilient future for all life on Earth.” She spoke.


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